Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 08:57

My Farewell...

    I am sad to say that its my goodbye to Horizons.. i want to still play so badly. but i dont think i will be able to afford it anymore. RL has made some complications and i knew i could not play once the billing system was working again.... sadly i could not say my farewell in my game.. and i dont believe i will see aguas wings flap one last time... you can still contact me via my yahoo. or my hotmail. ill be around ... *HUGS CLOSE ALL HER FRIENDS AND PEOPLE OF ISTARIA* may ur wings, beat as proud as ur heart. and may your swords stay sharp.


    much love

    Agua Rush






    Aw.  I'm sorry to see you go.  Have you tried asking your friends for a sub?



    Nope, i havnt i guess i never really thought of it... i dont know if anyone would agree to it.. i dont think they would miss me that much lol

    thanks for the idea though.. maybe ill ask around



    Ask within your guild first (and your mate, if you have one), they probably know you better than some random player. 


    Failing that, you might have some success selling yourself as a craft slave. :p



    *nods* indeed will ask guild.. as for mate i never offically got one.. sadly.. lol craft slave *faints* i loved crafting bu tnot that much hehe


    Never know...

    I didn't mean you do nothing but crafting, maybe something like  3000 bars/bricks/whatever per week, or something reasonable for your level, where you don't spend the entire week working on someone's craft order. 


    You can always offer your services from that perspective, someone may be willing to help you out.  (No, sorry I can't do that -- I'm already paying 3 subs.)