Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 05:02

My Recent visit to Ishtaria

    Here it is 2 years later.

    • The walkways in Tazoon are still unstable for some seconds upon arriving. 
    • The game still overloads after 4-5 hours and freezes.
    • Still need to use Full setting to enter game without Glitchs
    • Takes awhile sometimes for Graphics to catch up,  floating names no player/NPC.  Shrine a large grey column. Buildings, what Buildings.


    I cannot remember anymore, but I have experienced old bugs and glitches, hehe. Only thing is the Great Tazoon Lag Beast is gone. But I think that is Due more to the lower population then anything else.Frown


    Looks like I might come back to Horizons, but not for a few weeks  Undecided  and just the small subscription.  I am a glutton for Mmorpgs  but on fixed Income.