Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 10:53

Bristugo: Player Data Sources


    Where did you get the data?  Did you hack the server?




    The data used here has been collected from the net logs (enabled by checking the "Debug Logs" checkbox in the options window), the world cache, and XML dumps provided by Tulga Games, back in 2006.  The game servers were not accessed using any third-party software or modified client software in order to obtain the player data used in this site. 


    Aside from what was provided in the XML files, all player data has been obtained through legitimate means from an unmodified client program.  



    Two types of data are currently in need: Plot status and consigner inventories.  Volunteers to collect these data would be appreciated.  The process of gathering the information is simple and requires no manual note-taking, however, there is a lot of running around to do. 


    A volunteer needs to be able to commit to visiting certain communities and/or trading with certain consigners at some regular interval.  The "freshness" of this site's data is dependent on these efforts.


    If you're interested in helping, please post in the Site Feedback portion of the forum.