Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 10:21

Plot owner list for Order ?

    Hey Steelclaw, I saw you made a list with the chaos plot owners here, could you do the same for Order ? Also, it would be great to know the size of the plots, if possible. Thanks :3



    Well...  Maybe!   I spent

    Well...  Maybe!


    I spent about a week flying around Chaos to gather that data.

    Should you want to gather it for Order, you need to enable your debug logs, then physically visit each community.  The ownership information will show up in the netlog once the community begins to load.


    That being said, it IS a pain in the tail.  I'd rather spend the time trying to get support from Virtrium instead.  Should you want to go ahead and manually glean the ownership information, be my guest. :)


    Hmmm well.... I'm far too

    Hmmm well.... I'm far too lazy to do that XD


    btw sorry for the late answer, was on vacation until last sunday :)