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Horizons: Dragon Lairshaping Resources

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    What do I need to gather to make my lair?


    The thumbnail below goes to a printable-size diagram showing the raw and intermediate resources going into each kind of lairshaping resource.  Print it out! (landscape mode)  It's a lot more useful when you don't have to keep switching back and forth between Horizons and your browser.



     Lairshaping Resource Tree - thumbnail



    How to use:


    You know what you need

    Start at the bottom, work your way up. The thickness of the connecting lines indicate the quantity of each resource required. Example: 1 Excoriation needs 15 metal bars and 15 stone bricks at optimal. 1 metal bar needs 2 metal ore at optimal, 1 brick needs 2 stone slab at optimal.


    You know what you have

    Start at the top, work your way down. The thickness of the connecting lines indicate the amount of the resource on top to make one of the resource on the bottom. Example: Unfocused Azulyte can only make Focused Azulyte. Focused Azulyte can make Primal Essence or Crystalline Lattice.