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Horizons: Test Clients

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    What is a bleeding-edge client?

    Bleeding-edge clients are Istaria clients that are in the process of being tested for formal release. The behavior and stability of these clients is NOT assured and is not supported by anyone at or Virtrium. These clients may crash a lot, corrupt your prefrences, corrupt your world cache, or even run amok on your hard disk, replacing every piece of homework with pictures of dragons. (Okay, well, the latter is HIGHLY unlikely.)


    Why would I want to try a bleeding-edge client?

    If you're interested in helping test new clients or want to see if one of "your" problems has been fixed in a possible upcoming release, these are the clients to try.


    Why would I not want to try a bleeding-edge client?

    If you're the "I just want it to work" type of person, or if you don't feel comfortable with the "installation" instructions, maybe it's best to sit back and wait for an official release.




    383.12 Released! Thank you for testing!

    383.21 Released! Thank you for testing!

    384.0 Borked

    384.4 Tested a lot more internally this time...(development)

    383.38 New! (Release to Blight pending)

    384.5 Superseded

    384.6 Superseded

    384.7 Superseded

    384.8 Stop trying to fade-in objects. Fix a memory leak in loading files from packages.



    Summer Properties - use to calculate MD5 hashes if you have no way to do so.

    383.12 (no longer needed)



    Installing merely requires overwriting your existing istaria.exe file.

    1) Download the client .zip file

    2) Log in using the official release client, make sure a full scan does not happen.

    3) Log out.

    4) Find the directory containing the official release istaria.exe

    5) Extract the istaria.exe from the zip file and overwrite the istaria.exe found in step 4

    6) Log back in.

    Note: Switching between live and Blight will trigger a full scan.

    Note 2: A full scan will restore your client to the official release.



    What client am I running?

    Log in and open the fpswindow by typing the command

    /window fpswindow

    The client build number will be shown in red text in the fpswindow.



    How to test a client

    Aside from use in normal play, a number of regression tests will be posted here as they are created. These tests are to make sure "everything still works" in a new build.