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Horizons: Client 383.21

    Modified by on Sunday, October 4, 2009 - 08:27

    Client Build: 383.21


    383.21 Download

    MD5sum: 4500258aa32d4a19b33dfd473e73197b

    SHA1sum: e3d993c5497bccba85b57d67421fc494dfc65437


    Fixes and Changes

    • Text links in NPC dialogs, and item drag/drop to text input, should underline starting at the correct position.
    • Deleting text at the end of a line should no longer randomly blank out more chars than were deleted.

    Known Issue: If the font size of a window is changed, the text in the window
    doesn't re-wrap correctly. New text wraps fine. Still trying to
    figure out why this happens.

    Please report any other text related issues that still occur.