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Horizons: Setscale Instructions

    Modified by on Thursday, July 5, 2007 - 03:14




    while you're logged out, browse to C:\Program Files\Artifact Entertainment\Horizons\Resources

    open Commands_Players.def in notepad

    after one of the commands "}' and before the next one's "//" paste in the following:

    // setscale
    string name = "setscale"
    string usage = "<pref name> <pref value>"
    string description = ""
    int numParams = 3
    int minParams = 1

    save the file and launch the game.

    to use the command, select any player, or selectable object and type:

    /setscale x.x

    where x.x is 0.0 thru 3.0 normal size is 1.1


    /setscale x.x y.y

    /setscale x.x y.y z.z

     will also work, but allow you to scale each axis independently

    note: backup your command file, since any patching will overwrite it back to default