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Way to Get on Horizons..(updated)

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    there were bad storms

    the horizons team is working on it

    no worries

    keep them in ur prayers

    Thank you ~~~








    i am not sure if this will still work but it worked last night

    havnt had a chance by my horizons comp today..

    but this is what i did


    went to my computer

    local disk (C:)

    Program Files

    Tugula Games


    then down in there next to the Horizons sign (dragon icon) thing

    there is another icon with a flag that says HorizonsLauncher

    click it then the launcher should come up

    u type in ur email and password then agree and

    select ur character.. and then click play horizons


    i cant remember but some one else posted this on the site..

    so give credit to them not me.. but i cant find where they put it


    Good luck i hope it works

    See you on HZ


    Agua Rush

    of Timeless


    would so help writing if i

    would so help writing if i actually had a link to some lore to tie into it ;_; so hard without it >.<


    found a live chat to :D

    live chat.. go to horizons..

    i am there with others :D


    Whoops! >.<

    Sorry about that.  I deleted a duplicate comment and wound up nuking about 40 ones attached to it.


    At least it was only 'chatter'.