Sunday, July 14, 2024 - 22:48

Hello Chaos :D

    dont be shy say hello :D


    Hiya im Agua ^-^

    member of guild Timeless

    and addict of Horizons

    cant wait til its up and running again

    then its RoP time for this hatchy :D


    hello! im aarazth dragon

    hello! im aarazth

    dragon and member of the guild timless

     cant wait till its back >.< and so glad its not gone for good

    right after i just started playing it   


    hehe hiya aara... *rubs

    hehe hiya aara...

    *rubs chin*

    now where have i seen u before



    hehe hi agua lol no idea

    hehe hi agua lol no idea where youve seen me >.>



    jeez! are we the only chaos people.. :(

    lol Tongue out


    Hello! *waves*   Congrats

    Hello! *waves*


    Congrats on reaching RoP, I really hope you get to fly Smile


    thank you

    yeah me and a few other hatchies just reached Rop and started it..

    long ways before finished

    but i am confident that horizons will be back on line!

    hope to see you there :D


    hey aara

    do u have yahoo. or hotmail aara?


    nvm hehhe

    nvm hehhe


    I'll be glad when I can log

    I'll be glad when I can log into my saris again. I'm a construction worker in game. Lvl 63 Carpenter. Spent many long hours gladly working on the fort, the saritova mine, and the lamp posts of misc towns.


    Hi I'm on Chaos as well.  I

    Hi I'm on Chaos as well.  I just recently came back and started a newbie with the name Raistia.  I used to play Raisty on shadow / chaos.


    wow nice

    nice level... and i as well know what its like to work hard and have ur levels then

    have them almost taken away

    but horizons will be back

    gave me hope again :DD


    hello :D

    nice to meet you :D

    cant wait for horizons to be up and running agian

    even though i may take some time

    stupid storms had some here too..



    Heya Chaos!

    Mandala/Sunzharan here

    wish you all a good night/day (whatever time it is at yours) although they've had that stupid power outage



    greetings ;)



    hello hello :D


    hail fellow chaos friends

    im Gothos/ Zozel, gm for The Eyes of Istaria, good to see all of you, it takes the lonliness out of our wait:)






    hi im leoney, chaos and house of pain member.

    Nice to meet you all hope too see u in the game very soon



    to pass the time

    anyone know any good jokes, that arent vulgar?


    lame one, but im bored

    a blind man walks into a store with his seeing eye dog, all of the sudden he yanks at the dogs leash, picks him up and starts swinging the dog in circles over his head, the store keeper screams," what the heck are you doing, stop that now", this blind man puts the dog down and says very calmy" hey chill out i was just looking around":)


    rop assist

    hey Aqua, if i get Gothos back in ill be glad to assist you with rop mobs, he is 100,druid,cleric,gayrdin, and mage/warrior in the 70's, so if im on and you need help send me a gi, i have assisted in many rop's and would be glad to help


    gaurdian even


    hehe really thanks would be

    hehe really thanks would be apricaited..


    oh do u want to go to a liv chat of fellow

    horizon players.. i have the link




    Howdy folks...   Luthen

    Howdy folks...


    Luthen here, guild master of Draconic Brotherhood.


    I'm not a big talker and I keep a rather low profile so I don't expect any real recognition. :P 


    Hello Chaos..........I am Vengeance

    Hope everyone is doing well.


                Vengeance/Moregoth The Hunter


    It's me again!

    Hey I'm on chaos too. I play as Dracana, an ancient dragoness and Isharae a cute little saris kitty =^.^=


    Both are members of the guild, The Ancients.



    Heya! *waves from the top of the portal*


    Well, this is me saying hi:  "Hi!"





    Hiyas Chaos!

    I am sort of a Popeye player (I yam what I yam...) . I have no alts, never enough time to play and I try to help out when I can. I hope to see you all on the server after maint. today.





    Anyone know?

    anyone know if they will fix the websight login to the game, its the only way i can get in:(



    well there is taht one way i posted gothos..

    but idk if that works for you ...

    and HZ is in weekly maitence atm



    i need a wm, to reset my password so i can use the launcher i think