Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 17:49

Hello Chaos :D

    dont be shy say hello :D


    Hiya im Agua ^-^

    member of guild Timeless

    and addict of Horizons

    cant wait til its up and running again

    then its RoP time for this hatchy :D



    i dont have one... but

    u should check

    the chat channel

    im sure someone could help

    u there :D


    this is insane

    why does it seem im the only one in hz that cant use the launcher, or any other trick?


    i do not know

    i do not know :(

    if no other trick works and u really

    wnt to get back on ..

    i would wait for site or

    reinstall HZ


    already did

    already reinstalled hz:(, i guess im s.o.l. till ei fixes it:(



    im sorry that stinks..

    ill look for another way :D

    i think there is another way on here

    like a default site with log in page...



    thanks, im really trying to keep my cool with all this


    did u?



    didnt work, seems my user name and password are no good, i think its something ei has to fix


    or try this :P


    nope i didnt

    what exactly do i do there?



    u look :P

    u look to see if one of those suggestions will help you :P


    Try avtivating the

    Try avtivating the SilentPatcher.exe that u find in the Launcher folder


    i agree

    i agree try that gothos



    HI! the server isnt down at the moment or anything but stopping by anyways. HEY AGUA! where have you been on Horizons? i miss you hehe



    hey?! i know you Luthen! ... *thinks* but where... from where do i know you!!?? it is on the tip of my tounge Tongue out hehe


    :P Hey Ayizen.

    :P Hey Ayizen.


    Hey there, just dropping by

    Hey there, just dropping by to say hi.


    Hi! hehe well seeya in Istaria.


    HEY there... sorry i have

    HEY there... sorry i have been on vaction.. lol

    but just bout to log in to HZ now... lol

    level 40 quests still need to be done... ugh.. lol

    well Agua can fly now so thats help ful :P

    see u there